Home Insurance in Venice and Sarasota, FL

Building Protection for Florida Residents

A home serves as a symbol of family, comfort, and security. It also acts as a reflection of the residents who live within its confines – from the exterior framework to interior valuables. Even more so, however, a Florida home symbolizes an investment.

At Ramey Insurance Agency, we start from scratch to build a homeowners insurance policy to adequately protect the essential assets of clients in Venice, Sarasota, and surrounding Florida communities. Whether you’re looking to cover your primary home, vacation home, condo, or rental property, our agents can assist in developing a sturdy foundation of coverage.

What Does a Homeowners Policy Cover?

Scenarios that result in loss can be costly and, often, unexpected. It’s essential to remain proactive when identifying the worth of valuables before exposure to financial loss takes place. Whether dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic hurricane or the aftermath of theft, the process of recovering and rebuilding is more efficient with a well-informed plan formulated.

Our agents are accessible to help map out a fitting coverage route. Together, we’ll review the extensive list of insurance offerings accessible, such as:

  • Property Insurance Offers financial reimbursement if the property structure and its contents are damaged or stolen.
  • Homeowners Liability Safeguards against financial loss if you or a member of your household is held responsible for a personal liability claim.
  • Renters Insurance Similar to property insurance, but specifically secures the personal property of tenants. 
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance Picks up where your homeowners insurance policy drifts off, covering current and future assets (such as wages or inheritance). 
  • Condo Insurance Secures the specific unit and possessions of a condo owner.
  • Scheduled Property Insurance Accounts for valuables, such as jewelry, furs, and artwork, which require coverage separate from a traditional homeowners policy to insure full value.
  • Landlords Insurance Specifically addresses damage and liability your rental property may entail.
  • In-Home Business Insurance A rider to your homeowners or rental insurance policy, this affordable option can extend coverage for business equipment and work-associated liabilities.

If your property cannot be used during the recovery period, loss of use coverage can provide financial assistance to you and your family. Our agents take time to educate clients on the options available before, during, and after a crisis.

Experienced Agents Architecting Accurate, Affordable Coverage

As fellow Floridians, we pull from decades of extensive insurance experience. We’re an independent insurance agency, which means we have the ability to cater to our clients first. Our agency also boasts strong partnerships with a number of established carriers.

The finest Florida homes are entitled the finest built protection. To begin the process of constructing a homeowners policy, please contact an agent or request a quote.

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At Ramey Insurance Agency, we’re proud to provide homeowners insurance in Venice, Nokomis, Englewood, Sarasota, Osprey, and North Port, FL. We’re licensed to serve our neighbors throughout Florida. 

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