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Boat Insurance in Venice & Sarasota FL

One of the perks of living in Florida is that you're always close enough to a large body of water to take your boat out nearly anytime you like. However, while a leisure activity, hitting the water is not without associated risks. At Ramey Insurance Agency, we understand the exposures facing those who own a boat, and are dedicated to keeping them protected with customized insurance coverage.

From sailboats and yachts to jet skis and runabouts, we routinely insure a variety of boats in Venice and the surrounding areas.

Standalone Boat Insurance Quotes in Venice, FL

Many boaters believe that their homeowners’ policy will provide coverage for their boat. While there are some very basic coverages that extend to a watercraft, such as liability, these coverages are limited to boats with a certain horsepower. Actual damage to your watercraft is often excluded from being claimed on a homeowners’ policy. The best way to cover your watercraft is with a boat insurance policy, which one of our agents will happily quote for you.

Levels of coverages offered at Ramey Insurance Agency include replacement watercraft, agreed value and guaranteed value policies.  Additional coverage is also available for fishing equipment, trolling motors, radios, cameras, cell phones, life jackets, ropes, buoys, medical payments for skiers, and more.

Insurance for Outboard Motors, Fishing Equipment, and More

We work with carriers such as Progressive and Safeco that offer specific coverages and discounts especially beneficial for boat owners. Our goal is to educate our clients, so we encourage boat owners to use their insurance policies in the most efficient way. For example, it's just as important to keep your boat safe in storage as it is in the water. When you store items at a marina, what type of protection are they obligated to provide versus what you're liable for? We'll help you answer these questions and keep your boat secure through both your coverage and by advising you on best practices for ownership.

Why a Boat Insurance Policy Lends More Protection

Our agents at Ramey Insurance Agency get to know you and how you use your boat to create a policy that fits your needs perfectly. One question we always ask is where you moor your boat.

We also like to ask the primary usage of the boat (fishing, skiing, residence, vacation, etc.), where it is primarily used (e.g. do you spend a lot of time far off coast or in areas like the Bahamas?), and if it is trailered to other lakes, towns, counties or states. We also help you protect your content by learning about the types of items that are kept on the boat, like ropes, life jackets, fishing equipment, extra motors, and more. All these facts help us create a policy that covers every aspect of your boating experience.

To review your boat insurance options with fellow boaters, request a quote or contact us today.

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